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Sensitive collagen and hydroxyproline assay kits

By quickzymeMarch 1, 2019November 10th, 2023No Comments

In addition to its existing range of collagen related kits QuickZyme now launches two new kits (each in 3 package sizes): the Sensitive Tissue Collagen Assay kit and the Sensitive Tissue Hydroxyproline Assay kit. Both kits are optimized for use with tissues with low collagen content.

The difference with the regular Total Collagen kit and Hydroxyproline kit is the absence of the matrix effect that typically occurs with tissue samples. This matrix effect can be overcome by dilution of the sample hydrolysate, but that results in a lower sensitivity. The new kits do not require sample dilution and give a considerably higher absorbance resulting in a higher sensitivity and more reliable result. They are therefore ideally suited for tissues with low collagen concentration such as mouse liver which is often used in fibrosis studies.