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New: : analysis of collagen in paraffin embedded formalin fixed tissues

By quickzymeJuly 4, 2014No Comments

The major way in which tissues are stored is as paraffin embedded formalin fixed tissue. Until now histological staining followed by image analysis is the method to analyze collagen in paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Such methods do give qualitative information on localization of the collagen in the tissue, but are only semi-quantitative.
We have devised a method for quantitative analysis of collagen in formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissues or tissue sections. Neither removal of paraffin with toxic solvents like xylene nor special equipment is required. The sensitivity of the method is such that it is applicable to quantify collagen using only a few 10 ┬Ám tissue sections. The analysis uses the total collagen assay kit in combination with the newly developed total protein assay kit. The first is used for collagen quantification, the latter for normalization of the amount of tissue used. Both assays are applicable in acid hydrolyzates.
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