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New 5-plate version of QuickZyme Total Collagen Assay

By quickzymeMay 18, 2012February 6th, 2017No Comments
New Bulk Pack for QuickZyme Total Collagen and Hydroxyproline Assay kits.

The 5-plate versions of our Total Collagen and Hydroxyproline assays have become popular products. To ease shipment, storage on the lab and to limit waste packaging  material, the packaging of these kits will be changed. These kits will in the future be delivered in one box instead of five separate boxes. The order numbers QZBtotcol5 and QZBhypro5 will stay the same. This change in packaging will be introduced in the next few weeks. For details total collagen assay and hydroxyproline assay please click here for collagen or hydroxyproline.