Mannose Receptor Antibody specifications

  • Product name: human mannose receptor antibody
  • Synonyms: CD206; CLEC13D; MMR; C-type lectin domain family 13 member D; macrophage mannose receptor 1; mannose receptor, C type 1
  • Intended use: Western blotting, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, inhibition of the interaction between the mannose receptor and mannose-containing ligands such as tissue-type plasminogen activator
  • Formulation: Each vial contains 100 microgram Mab MR 15-2-2 in PBS
  • Product type: primairy antibody, mouse monoclonal
  • Isotype: IgG1. κsubclass
  • Specificity: human; no other species were tested
  • Store: -20°C
  • Quantity: 100 μg

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Product price:
€ 338,- for 100 µg QZBMR15-2- 100 click to order
€ 973,- for 500 µg QZBMR15-2- 500 click to order
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More information

Product sheet MR15-2: PDF download